by mandaceehb

How do i pour out my heart just like this?

People say that lovers are blind, so sensitive to every charming attribute and perfection yet so aloof to every point of weakness, every gap in the canopy of stars. But friendship is not like that. Friendship is the soft hand that gently pries your eyes open, making you starkly aware of every speck of dust and glitter that drifts in the current of your conversations. Friendship builds on the struggles you go through to come to terms with the flaws that are so real. It steels you inside so you come out stronger and more resistant to embers, it makes you accepting of every mistake and malleable to every need.

I admit that sometimes I feel we are untethered like kites with snapped strings flying in the wind, going north and west and south in pursuit of different dreams and different crowds. But that is a phase in every friendship, and what a man needs is patience and understanding to collect his kites where he set them apart. Our affinity and the troubles we’ve tided through are strong enough to change the winds; with the experiences we’ve shared we can steer ourselves back. We will always find ourselves next to each other again; I am sure of that.

Other times we are confetti afloat, the fireworks exploding when we are intoxicated with the pure joy and fantasy of the moment, magical nights living realities in parallel universes before our real life drags us down from the clouds. We are not the epitome of the vibrance of youth, not the life of the party, but we are stereotypes of ourselves and this is what no one else can ever be.

It hasn’t been a completely smooth journey, but nothing worth holding on to ever is. I hope our words continue to roll off each others’ tongues in natural waves. Let us be raucous and crazy because we have no one to be embarrassed in front of; let us enjoy quiet moments because we have no one we need to impress.