by mandaceehb

This sounds cruel, but I want to remember your moments of vulnerability because you so seldom let them come. We will talk and reach such towering levels of laughter and animation before we fall silent again, both gazing far off into the distance, perhaps thinking of what to say next or allowing time to naturally pry our conversations open. Sometimes I look at you and the grimy light glows like a faraway lantern in your eyes, rising slowly in the night. My heart clenches a little when I remember- you’ve been to darker places than so many of us have been, emerging braver amid this crowd as you speak about him in wistful retrospect. In the moment I only feel the deepest love of a friend for you as you say his name and smile. I want to tell you that you are more mature than a grown-up; stronger and more powerful than whatever mighty sword we sometimes allow age to wield over us.

Wisdom does not come with age but with experience. This is your wisdom my dearest friend; you’ve been endlessly brave.