late night phone calls

by mandaceehb

You are snuggled in your bed but nowhere near a state of slumber, eyes searching past the window and roof of obstruction to see a oblong patch of sky. The moon does not draw near. You close your eyes again and toss in your bed; it is comfortable but tonight the softness cannot lull you away.

Suddenly the phone rings and your initial reaction is one of annoyance. You turn the other way as a form of avoidance but it keeps ringing and ringing and silently you will someone else to pick it up. But as it continues to ring suddenly fear creeps into your heart and the beat inside you begins to accelerate against the stillness of night. It is late at night and who calls this late except if…

You claw at the bedsheets. Someone has picked up the phone and now you wish you were the one who answered so you would know first. Silence silence silence.

With hesitant footsteps you trudge over to your parents’ bedroom as you ask them ‘what happened?’ and they say

Wrong number.