dead letters and friendships

by mandaceehb

It’s funny how some things can make such a turn. Just one year ago we said our goodbyes and spilled our hearts onto pretty paper, long notes, well thought-through, pretty sentences formulated, making each other sound like the best people to have graced the face of the earth. It’s difficult to write notes without at least some degree of flattery; we tend to make people sound their best in ink to make up for our wrongs in action. But that shows we care.

It’s 2014 now and I’m sitting on my bed re-reading old letters the way I always do, thinking about what happened to the promises and the way they simply stained parchment and never came to life. How can someone who used to be so important to you just slip through your fingers like the easy conversation that flowed from your lips? How can someone you spent all your novel-worthy statements on be severed from you by the unrelenting force of life and the way it inevitably pushes people apart?

The people you thought were close to you eventually move away, or maybe you both just didn’t do enough to make each other stay.

It’s easy to blame life, but I think I’d rather blame us.