expired dreams

by mandaceehb

big dreams spun in youth

glued to the bottom of office seats

kept warm now for 15 good years

sinking further with every sigh and heave

big dreams buried under

untouched reports gathering dust

treacherous mountain trials marked by yellowing post-its and

coffee stains spilt in delirium

dissuade you from taking on the

aspirations you once believed could move mountains

big dreams never see the light

huge mounds of ashes but the embers

have died

grumbling about ring files given to you like christmas gifts

months in advance

they don’t want you to make it big

it’s been 15 years

but you’ve never run with blind trust

with only dreams in baggage and sallow legs fuelling young belief

maybe it’s time to realise

that you’ve been strangling yourself with

the same tie for 15 years

by your own hand