chasing the sun(rise)

by mandaceehb

Woke up to a bloody sky and the thrill of catching my first sunrise. A gash ran across the city skyline, already brightening and coming alive at just past 6am. Rushed out of bed and went onto the balcony outside; Bangkok is scorching but the morning breeze was chilly and comfortable. The busy roads flickered with vehicles that already put traffic jams into play. It took quite a while as the intensity of the red sky slowly faded and a bright spot seemed to pulse where we guessed the sun was hiding. Suddenly, the top rim of the yolk appeared and we pointed excitedly as the sun rose excruciatingly slowly but surely, a radiant circle that seemed birthed from the buildings. It took our breaths with it as it ascended like a burning flame. Around us roosters crowed intermittently; I never thought this possible in the city.