a short reflection

by mandaceehb

Here’s something about me: I can’t read myself. I cannot tell what my own actions say about me, what kind of person the things I do mean I am. So, I find it really interesting when people tell me things about myself (however ignorant this may sound). But lately I feel like whenever someone tells me something about myself, there is an involuntary, unconscious urge to be the kind of person their words state I am. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m acting a certain way just to prove a point, maybe put myself under a label just to say yes, this must be me because my actions (the evidence) say so. But amid unawareness, evidence could also have been created.

Maybe I should free my mind, take what people say about me as just trivia, fun facts to understand myself better, instead of trying to live up to some sort of false expectations that nobody was meaning to impose. I hope to be me for me.