easter vigil

by mandaceehb

The fire dances in a way that is unparalleled: fearless, free, sporadic, frenetic; limbs unchained to any article of shame or self-consciousness, lashing out at the air, embers flying free. It is a wondrous light beneath this moon, primitive creature drawing the eyes of people- tens, hundreds- huddled together clutching unlit candles, silent chatter. It is quite beautiful how our ears have eased themselves into the peaks and valleys of these prayers, that their inflections uttered beneath bowed heads might sweep across the crowd like a tender, familiar wave. The flames spread, sparks of hope lining up, painting pillars and arches a warm dusky orange as we proceed, light and shadows flickering as rich voices sing. Time is lost, the church is alight with the flame he has ignited in each believer.