by mandaceehb


goodbyes brimming with promise

ocean-filled hearts shimmering with sun that

catches onto every piece of you

//goodbyes echoing empty

short-term places buzzing

with friends who will soon peter out into strangers

(and we know this)

tea bags brewed one too many times

eyes unable to meet,

voluntary like poles of a magnet

//goodbyes wavering, undecided,

laced in springs

wistful notes, hopeful

‘i’ll see you around?’s

between reining in and letting go

//goodbyes heavy and silent

white petals gently brushing

cool wood

tear-streaked, lip-pressed,

for real

//goodbyes that end and begin

*clearing late night thoughts at 12.45am and feeling the urge to write even if it’s no good. goodbye now.