primary school quirks

by mandaceehb

filled water bottles the breeding ground for tornadoes; artful twists of the wrists that allowed a rising column to spin and spin and disintegrate into bubbles- we used to challenge each other to see whose tornado could last the longest. clicking pens and releasing them on table tops to see how high they could jump, walking along drains to see if anyone had dropped change in the deep recesses. nike water bottles and the signature spray. the same piece running through different fingers on the cranky old piano with stuck keys in the canteen; i don’t think i will ever forget the song that every piano kid seemed to practice to mastery, still tingling on my earlobes. spinning coins with a single hand, velcro wallets inevitably attached to a rainbow spring; we used to play it like a yo-yo until the springs got twisted and could never untwist again. little inflated plastic packets that exploded on touch. fascinated with secret stairways in a school so tiny that nothing could really be considered secret; all alone in trios in shaded corridors and obscure places feeling brave and grown-up.