thoughts from the park bench

by mandaceehb


as i walk through the park the sunlight is brimming, bubbling beneath the thick treetops. gold catches on the water hidden by tall straw coloured grasses. i haven’t been properly in nature’s hearth for months now, locked up in rooms of white paper and black print. my body hasn’t been conditioned to exercise but even as i take it at my own pace, i don’t feel left behind; i don’t feel any need to keep up. i remember what my friend said: outside of school the world isn’t the same. as she ran an old man kept pace with her, and when she slowed down he shortened his footsteps as well. before, nothing ever seemed enough; my smallest efforts were insignificant, my largest efforts were insufficient and i was stuck in the cycle of chasing my own tail, a loathsome quest for self-improvement. today as i complete a short distance i am happy. in a shaded corner before the water thinking, at peace: it is enough for me today.