cleaning up

by mandaceehb

things that i still can’t bear to throw away:

chromatography paper from a sec 1 chemistry experiment,

black dot rising in a column, fading into purple blue green

english narratives from sec 2, incredibly long and dramatic (tragedy, disaster and catastrophe in consecutive sentences)

i laugh at them now but they are the remaining records of how i grew to love storywriting

old poems our lit teacher instructed we write for valentine’s day

colourful notes, flow charts, worksheets i doodled on

random chinese compos (i didn’t fail) with storylines borrowed from channel 8 dramas,

just for a good laugh next time

2 years ago i gave the excuse that i was keeping my secondary school notes for my sister but

i think i just attached too much sentiment to thick stacks of paper i once begged my brain to absorb

today i put most of them in a huge plastic bag, set them aside for the karang-guni uncle

i don’t think i can throw away my jc notes just yet,

but then time is the solvent which dissolves sentiment