ho chi minh stopover

by mandaceehb

i always wonder about how we used to wait when technology had not been so advanced and accessible. we always wait: sometimes for negligible split-seconds of time; other times for intolerable stretches when the moments unfurl excruciatingly slowly. it is such a natural and accepted part of life yet it is spent so differently for all of us. perhaps it is much easier now, given that technology wedges itself into these blank seconds; yet i can’t help feeling that we have lost something important.

if i never knew technology, i would probably gaze out reflective windows on long bus rides, juggle between my thoughts of the day and admiration of the scenery outside. maybe i would realise that  nature is not just green, that there are many types of green, watch pedestrians along the streets from the protected vista of the bus interior. look at other commuters more, notice that their bags are torn along the zip, realise that two of them are wearing the same shoes. at airport transfers i would probably speak much more like my parents and the enthusiastic Koreans behind me, instead of asking ‘is there WiFi?’ and retreating into reticence, typing this.