fukuoka day 2

by mandaceehb

today’s dinner is at 10.30pm, served by our mums scurrying around the little apartment. i can’t remember a time when it has rained as much as this, but it has rained for the whole of today and the streets are shiny and golden, water seeping into shoes, bus windows frosted over through which traffic lights look like soft paintings. the supermarket was one of the last stalls open in the mall as early as 8.30 in the evening, and we left laden with fresh groceries and tired feet. the way back to the station takes us through the underground shopping street again, the shaded arcade alive and warmed with golden fairy lights for what seems like miles, shuttered up shop faces greeting us, mannequins donning pretty winter coats unfamiliar to residents of a tropical country. ave maria is playing overhead, familiar rich tune easing our fatigue and sweeping us into the magical christmas mood that comes only once a year. it is comforting to have a homecooked meal in a foreign country and we watch succulent pork and beef strips bring churned out with hot miso soup and sweet spicy chicken, singaporean take on japanese produce.

we are enclosed in this strange little bomb shelter-like house in which the power trips if you use the microwave and the stove together; vanguard sheets serve as curtains; the tv plays only one channel which happened to be a horror movie. but we are here in this little home where there is steaming dinner served on the little table, two families eating together, and i feel warm and homely, satisfied and very full.