by mandaceehb

the sky has more cloud than blue in it, skyscrapers nestling in a fluffy whiteness. we float on the water and try to paddle in tandem, left right left, constant motivation, trying to escape splash wars and fish attacks. enjoyable quiet conversation about nothing much really, trying to fit 3 kayaks in a selfie, half-hearted races, blasting music and rapping enthusiastically, resting on the water and letting the wind and currents push us when we get tired (i think we’re moving/ the wind is blowing us/ is it just the float moving?), sudden burst of adrenaline and racing to retrieve a friend’s hat that had fallen into the water- fishing in some sense. carefree but arms aching, things that just happened a few months ago but have now inherited the quality of a faraway time and memory (remember that time when…?). sitting in popeye’s being raucous and talking about strange unspeakable things as teenagers are expected to be.

the sky is so clear the ambient light cannot eradicate the shine of the stars (there are so many stars tonight!/ they’re just satellites… at least i always say that.), the moon so bright its glow cannot be contained and spills onto us. i didn’t properly register this until a friend pointed out that it is somehow always the night with its special elements, mood, power that eases the flow of conversation, makes topics that cannot typically be breached more easy, breathable and everything is released- in an unlikely corner of carl’s jr.’s before we are chased out and find our new place in an asymmetrical circle on the rooftop. i wonder: does common knowledge, the act of sharing something that once mattered to you and held great emotional power somehow stitch the separated pieces of different lives closer together? this knowledge that is clearly not applicable to many matters but somehow flows within you and between the hearers like a new understanding and connection, and perhaps eases the outlets that were once blocked, gives you a greater reach into someone else’s life.