by mandaceehb

this is where it begins: where our paths stop crossing (i hope not permanently) and we go out and forge new roads, discover roiling seas, set foot on never-before-seen lands, start to truly map out and extend the atlases of our lives. from here we will sail the seas of strange, selfish, beautiful people, explore lands echoing a different reality beneath each pair of feet- little christopher columbuses in our own rights. one day the experiences you speak of may be too vivid, too large to be contained in my little atlas, my understanding of this world. i will watch as you sketch out new terrain, outline the lands you’ve found and forests you’ve fought through, extend the boundaries of what you know and understand and have experienced onto a scroll which has your whole life to unfurl.

and even though our rivers run and meander through different lands, distributaries stretching out in every imaginable direction, i hope that somewhere or other they meet and overlap again, as they did at the source; the beginning.