things i’ve learnt/ want myself to accept and understand (work in progress)

i don’t consider myself to be a reflective person, because i mostly let experiences drift and float around in my head. i don’t consciously try to catch them and plant them in the ground; let them grow into lessons that i can understand and bring with me. this time i’m going to try and make sense of it all and maybe list a few things i’ve come to realise and believe (although some of them still don’t come instinctively to me, i choose to believe i’m on my way there!). enjoy 🙂

  1. in school it seemed important to be somebody and know everybody, but all you really need is a few close friends you know you can rely on; friends you wouldn’t have to worry about losing even if you were a nobody.
  2. at some point, not giving a shit about anything becomes a survival skill. it’s too difficult and tiring and unhealthy to care about everything, what people do/ say, etc. sometimes just letting things go and not allowing yourself to bother is the way out- JC taught me this.
  3. learn not to be envious of others but look to your own life and appreciate the wonderful things you have. it’s always easier to point out what you lack than realise what you have, but learning to be grateful and thankful is so important. in a way it paves the path towards contentment and satisfaction which after all, is basically the grand goal and sustainable state of life.
  4. emotions can be within your control: it all depends on perspective!
  5. everyone has something special that only they can give the world. never compare yourself to others or feel that you fall short because they too lack something, that only you, as a unique human being, can offer.
  6. kindness and affirmation can make the world a better place.
  7. there is absolutely no point in worrying prematurely. i’ve let millions of ‘what if’s cloud my mind and crinkle my forehead (such a worrywart) but these are possibilities that may happen as much as they may not happen. why let yourself lose sleep over something unpredictable and unguaranteed? today has enough for you to worry about, and tomorrow will take care of itself! (or you will take care of tomorrow, but that’s when tomorrow comes and it isn’t here yet.)