My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An

by mandaceehb


There is something special about old structures because in some ways, it seems that time hasn’t touched them at all. Centuries have passed and the surrounding landscape has changed drastically but even so, we are seeing this holy place in the same light, with the same wonder in our eyes as people of the past. If the photo is captured just like this, without an interfering human figure, I can almost imagine people a thousand years ago going about their daily lives in this setting.

Our guide speaks to us and points out parts of the structure that were built in the past, and these bricks standing at over a thousand years old are clean and adhere strongly to each other. They are firm and sturdy and look good as new. Yet, the modern reinforcements around them are twenty-odd years young and eroded, stained with a brackish black and crumbly-looking. We are still trying to figure out how people of the past built, but to no avail.

It’s a pity that we’ve lost the ways of the past, but there’s also a strange beauty in it. It is this very ignorance which allows us to fully understand the worth of ancient methods and marvel at their minds; we always try harder and appreciate more of something we cannot easily attain. It is precisely because the information eludes us that we now appreciate these structures as true works of art and continue to be intrigued by it. Technology in all its might is somehow unable to replicate or decode the work of the past; it is powerful that rudimentary problem-solving skills and ways have somehow beaten the complex formulas and equations that we have created.