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Month: November, 2016

the way to the mrt

26 September 2016

once mundane; now almost novel. i hear myself loudly, self-conscious about the noisy clacking of shoes. the smell of home cooked fare wafts out of windows at lunch time and conjures thoughts of families eating together. i watch mynahs chase the yellow birds in the way we all want to run after that which is beautiful.


rainy days at home

love the rainy days experienced in the confines of the home: the pure white sky purged of all its tears, a hopeful blank page waiting to be stained with colours again, the shivery cold air that rushes through the open balcony doors and carries my spirits, the silence that remains after the storm like a heavy air that has settled over the earth, disrupted every now and then by the rumbling of a bus engine as the day’s activities quietly pick up and stir to continuation, never quite forgetting where they left off.