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Month: January, 2014

Sweet Assurances

I don’t know why you even ask

Are you okay

Maybe you need some assurance

And you know I’m not cruel enough to say no

So I say


I am okay

Just crying again but it’s okay

I guess you won’t ever know

The difference between crying and bleeding tears

Because one hurts a lot more than the other


In Life

How poignant and devastating 

That in this moment 

When you are laughing 

Someone out there is crying 

When you are dying

A new life has been given to this world

When you are broken

A heart is being mended

When you lose hope in life 

Someone is empowered with the will to live 

maybe we could be

Maybe we could be different 

From the heartbreaks and weary bones

From the burning kisses and slow love songs

Maybe we could escape

The fizzing sparks and the eyes that lock

The entwined fingers and complicated train of thought

Maybe we could be everything we ever wanted to be

And maybe too

Maybe we could, just be 

When You Forget

When you forget what it feels like to be young and naive

Burdened by the experiences that have erased the joy in you

Paint your lips into a smile

And remind yourself

That while you did it to look pretty when you were young

You do it now to manage a smile

Without biting your tongue

what happened on new year’s eve

All creation celebrated

As noise enfolded the night

And the universe wobbled with the weight of alcohol

6 million people bore

Confetti exploded

As people gazed wide-eyed

At the clear and sparkling squares

Colliding with the stars of night


I want to hug her, but she is just bones and I’m afraid I will crush her. She lies old and frail in the bed, softly uttering words in a foreign tongue that I can only hope to understand. I hope she sees the despair and boundless apologies in my eyes, because words fail us both. I hope she knows. I hope.

I cannot offer her much, so every time I see her, I put my hand in hers. When our fingers are entwined and she looks at me with light in her eyes, I know she understands. She forgives me for our distance. For all my ignorance, I think that is love.

Roses and Thorns

We laughed then, in silence

And i noted to myself

That it was the first time I’d heard any happiness in his voice

Gently, he rolled up his sleeve

And showed me the tattoo 

On the inside of his wrist

Dark ink intermingling with blue veins

I saw a rose

With differing shades of black and grey-

The most beautiful thing I’d seen


In a trance-like manner

I asked him

Why a rose

And he smiled sadly

And told me

That like roses

People were beautiful at first

But when they wilted and died

They would lose their worth

Night Riders

Tonight we rode on the breeze

With the wind in our hair

And starlight on our faces

Blinking red lights

A distant call to reality

The wind stirred the soul alive

Lifted up low spirits

And amid the darkness and opportunity for danger

I felt safe


I don’t know where the butterflies went

There were supposed to be millions of them

Large ones, tiny ones

Ones with teardrop designs on their wings

Beautifully coloured ones that flutter like leaves on the breeze

But they have all gone and deserted me today

Leaving in their wake

This uncanny sense of peace

Giving me the hope that maybe

Just maybe

I will embrace life for whatever it puts in my path


In that moment

When lightning struck her heart cold

And the clouds parted from above

Her eyes grew wide

And she understood it all

As her body pulsated

With tiny bolts of electric charges

Ricocheting around her body like bullets that could never break free

The essence of life; her heart

Thudded ferociously against her ribcage

Blood flowed through her in streams

Red hot inside her but blue to the skin

And she could almost feel life evaporating

The atoms in her body vibrated with a sickening rhythm

As if caught forever in an ecstatic dance

And then no more

Everything slowed

Everything stopped

As she caught the world in her eyes

She understood what it meant to live

Only when she was to die